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 Small compass and bow. Thank you Lindsey for trusting me with your first tattoo! #blackwork #compasstattoo
 Mother Nature, half healed on Ashley. Definitely one of my favorite pieces to date. Thank you so much! #blackwork #ornamentaltattoo
 The look on your face when you’re on your way to a way better hold. Bonsai in Willow Springs : @explorewithchris #bouldering #redrockcanyon
 Healed lioness on Teddy. We’ve since began to cover up his upper arm. Thank you for everything man! #blackwork #liontattoo #sacredgeometry
 Took some time off to move and focus on other projects. ‘Mountain Hawk’ 16 x 20 Inkwash, gouache and acrylic on Arches. The best picture I could take without a harsh glare #japanesetattoo #blackwork