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 An Ox Skull for Christian’s first tattoo, thanks dude! #blackwork #skulltattoo #rosetattoo
 I made a Red Rock for Jon not too long ago. Thank you for having me do this for you bud! #blackwork #redrockcanyon
 All healed up! Some birds and floral work for Ria. Thank you so much for this fun piece! #blackwork #floraltattoo
 Spain, you’re my new love. Seeing as most of Abella De La Conca was built into the side of a mountain, I’m pretty sure we were climbing on the side of someone’s home. As always @dumb_millennial with the amazing captures  #rockclimbing #spain
 It’s only fitting that we added a guillotine to Brandon’s stomach before a trip involving France. Of course in the same session that we finished his new chest piece as well! Thank you so much brother for letting me tattoo the coolest things and being so strong! #blackwork #skulltattoo