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 A few of the smaller ones I’ve had the pleasure of doing lately. Mostly fresh, the bee is healed. Thank you so much guys, you’re the best! #blackwork #animaltattoo
 A little bit of color for Olivia, thank you for having me do this! Can’t wait to start on the inside #sacredgeometry #mandala
 Stoked to have finally finished Bryn’s leg sleeve! It’s been a hell of a ride, thanks for sticking it out! I’ve had nothing but fun with this one #blackwork #japanesetattoo
 Another one down. Tryptophan in Gateway Canyon, definitely a fun one worth ticking off #bouldering #rockclimbing : @dumb_millennial
 Hannya, Chrysanthemum and Blackbird on Gary. We also covered up some writing he had on his upper back. Thank you man! #japanesetattoo #blackwork