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 A couple of desert dwellers for Brandon. Thanks for always giving me fun pieces to do! #blackwork #animaltattoo
 Made this Monarch for Ella last week, thank you for sitting so tough for your first tattoo! #blackwork #sacredgeometry
 Finally finished this piece, the top part is fresh! Thank you Tyler for making multiple trips out here! I’d love to do more floral work like this #blackandgreytattoo #floraltattoo
 A couple new ones for Vinny. Thanks dude! #blackwork #sacredgeometry
 Got my second 5.12c yesterday! “The Road to Character” at White Pine. Here’s the under six foot tall crux beta I mentioned @888mb888 Awesome shots by @brookbriana Thank you! It’s been fun getting used to this rope thing #rockclimbing #sportclimbing