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 It’s only fitting that we added a guillotine to Brandon’s stomach before a trip involving France. Of course in the same session that we finished his new chest piece as well! Thank you so much brother for letting me tattoo the coolest things and being so strong! #blackwork #skulltattoo
 Anthony’s True North. Thank you for having me do this for you brother #blackwork #spacetattoo
 Started filling in Danyell’s sleeve of peonies and violets before my trip. I’ll be away until the end of March and am answering emails intermittently. Thank you guys for your patience! #blackwork #floraltattoo
 Hanging with this crew means I have to get on a rope every once in a while. And this view is definitely worth it! #rockclimbing #spain
 A couple of mandalas and a chrysanthemum for Christy. We’ll be finishing up her shoulder soon. Thank you so much for everything! #blackwork #sacredgeometry #floraltattoo